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Sustaining Collapse | 2018

Chinese ink and watercolor on wasli paper and repurposed wood
198 x 23 x 14 in | 503 x 59 x 36 cm



The work points                                              towards          the                             deep black smog                                                                                         that

                                       dominates                                      Northern India                                                                                                             due               to                                                                                                  stubble burning of farmlands

                                                 caused by the intensive agriculture practices                                                                     echo        

            the drawbacks

                                         of the policies adopted while implementing green revolution in the 1960s and 70s in India.




The work uses a graphic style of a book takes the reference from Pahari miniature paintings. The drawing is an imaginative landscape with distorted perspective narrating the tail of the delicate environmental system threatened by uncontrolled exploitation.

The display lives on a double track between Italy and India, although its vision intends to embrace a wider understanding of the current environmental situation linked to climate change, capitalistic system, and globalization.




The pedestal of the work takes the form of a shelf

            found inside the homes to display artifacts.





                                                 The pedestal is tinted black.

Pedastal as an emergency walkway.