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Heartbeat | 2017


Paddy, Bamboo, and Ropes

Village Komdhara, West Bengal

Feb 2017


The work is an attempt to locate humanity in the natural seeking universal oneness with the material. The work lies somewhere between seen, unseen and felt. The heartbeat which lies inside all of us can be felt but not seen. A connection is created between the native house made of dried rice straw and the stack of same material lying in front of the house using the same material.  Togetherness, oneness, and humanity are the core issues that are addressed here. 

I choose the form of the frequency of heartbeat which commonly appears on the cardiograph when measuring the condition of the heart, but the same time it is very similar to like a sudden flash of lightning in the sky as well. 


Heartbeat | 2016


Cloth, Thread, Safety pin, Bamboo

Capital Complex, Chandigarh

Oct 2016


This installation is themed around Human Heartbeat to draw home the meaning that the same heartbeats in all of us leaving apart the boundaries and differences that human society has created themselves. These wars, the element of tension in the air are uncalled for. Let’s usher in unity.

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