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He is Thinking

38 x 28 cm each (diptych) 

Watercolor and Gouache on Paper


Yama- The Lord of Death, and Dharamaraj – The King of Justice - sitting on the throne and is in deep thought.


Wisest of the deities – Yama, also known as Yamraj or Dharamaraj. He is responsible for the dispensation of the law and punishment of sinners in his abode, yamalok. According to the Puranas, his skin color is that of storm clouds (i.e. dark grey). He is most often depicted as blue, but also sometimes as red. He is surrounded by garlands of flames; dressed in red yellow or blue garments; holding a noose and a mace or sword, and riding a water buffalo.


Yamaraj sits on the throne when he is in the process of passing judgment. I wonder what judgment he has to pass!!

The work is in private collection, Canada.

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