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Farming as Industry | 2016

Land Art - Site Specific - Crops growing on Land
660 x 720 in | 1675 x 1829 cm 
Nov 2016

The image was to grow in the land with the crops. The huge land was first divided

The project started in the form of discussion with the social workers and NGO groups based in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, locating the core issues regarding the increasing farmer suicides and health issues faced by the common man ( because of the use of pesticides and genetically modified crops used in farming). The sketches were developed on the basis of the discussion.

The land becomes the canvas here. 

This is a public ecological time-based
 art project supported by Foundation of Contemporary Art (FICA) in collaboration with Gram Art Project initiated by Shweta Bhattad, carried out in the village Paradsingha in the interior of Madhya Pradesh bringing focus on the importance on the need of organic farming in India using Indian Seeds. into the grid and the mapping were
done with the help of a cotton rope and small bamboo sticks. Two different types of plant seeds were then sown in the ground - one red and other green. use of hay-straw was made for the yellow color. The image on the land becomes visible to the human eye as the crops grow. 

Here, the seeds 
grow into an organic plant represents the shape of the industry when seen from a bird's eye view. The emphasis is led upon that Indian economy should focus more on organic agriculture and sustain itself as an agrarian economy. 

A total of 7 different land art projects were created under the same project conceptualized by different artists.

Gram Art Project

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