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Fading Cells of the Ebbing Body

Land Art - Site Specific - Acrylics on Cardboard

Size – 25 feet x 12 feet approx.  

Dead Sean, Jordan

In collaboration with Ashraf Elhady (Egypt)

March 2017


The body is shrinking and the heart is beating. The rapid disappearance of the place and the lack of any kind of biological life was the first motivation for this project. The idea of a heart cell as a symbol for growth and life, is designed for this project as an ornament of life in the body of the dead. The structure pertaining to life is placed in the body of dead sea, bringing out the dichotomy of life and death at once, recording the unique state of specific site. Researching on the cell of the heart, how the heart grows relating to the texture of the salt is similar to the cell structure. We placed 13 pieces of the cardboard, cut and colored like a growing heart cell together on the saline water surface for three hours, with the salt crystals forming a film on the surface. The number comes from Guru Nanak’s teaching of 13(tera tera tera) meaning everything is yours and nothing belongs to us, it is for the entire world. The work appeared like 13 cells in a bigger cell, and later like a petal of a flower, with the salt of dead sea remaining on the work that we bring back home as a memory of the time, labor, and love.

Like the whipping of the heart, the work is beyond the boundaries from nationalities and rigid nationalism, it is non - liner in the liner time line, this work is not meant for any definite viewers but for the humanity hiding inside all of us. The takes over the Representational and Eco poetic approach to initiate a re-envisioning of the natural world, inspiring co-existence with other species and revealing information and conditions through image-making and object-making with the intention of stimulating dialogue. Let us try together to understand the resonance of the space with open eyes with solidarity for future.

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