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Angular Distortions Distorted Perspectives

Installation - Wood viz-a-viz doors and window panels, textile cotton fabrics

33 x 18 x 7 feet

Courtesy- Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi (State Academy of Art), Chandigarh, India

Display at Rose Festival, Chandigarh on 23rd-25th February 2018


The theme of the work revolves around understanding space, depth and perception. It is an analysis of the visual space and the formal organization of the architectural elements found in Indian miniature paintings especially those of Purkhu and locating an invisible relation of the same with contemporary architectonics. It is a parallel inquiry in representing perspectives between 2-dimensional architectural formations found inside the miniature paradigm and its representation on a 3-dimensional space, a suggestion towards a creative mind tussle resulting in utopian abstract formations.


The work intends to merge multiple viewpoints within a single painted image which now takes a form of 3 dimensional structures, while juxtaposing complex elements, planes and panels (doors and windows) from everyday life to form structures that seem to slide apart before the viewer’s eyes. The elements being vernacular trace their own journey in time via the concept of ownership, disclaim and reclaim. 

The work intends to show architecture not as it appears from a fixed standpoint, but as it is experienced temporally, as the viewer makes the transition from outside to inside. The use of architecture is not only for creating a backdrop rather it manifests itself into an enhanced zone of foregrounds and backgrounds within itself.

Textile fabric of red colour is used to fill in spaces as an artificial refraction of the real world, rather than pure invention, these real structures translate into walls, which further converts itself into courtyards and walkways translating the totality into a weight bearing structure of engaged columns, capitals, doors and windows that support nothing.

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